The Sundance Series

Urban Fantasy Romance

Book 1 Available on Amazon August 15!

Book 1 Available on Amazon August 15!

Spiked was a finalist in FTHRW 2017 Pages From the Heart Contest* & Future, Fantasy & Paranormal 2017 On The Far Side Contest.

*Placed 1st in Paranormal. 1st place in category 2017 Best Banter Contest.

Tiger photo by Ian Robinson

When lone shifters turn up dead in an isolated desert town, a woman with paranormal abilities must come out of hiding and face her dangerous past to protect the person she loves most.

Cornelia “Neely” Costa MacLeod is a half-human telepath and spiker. Her natural ability to read people’s thoughts makes her unpopular with other paranormals, but it’s her talent for spiking deadly power straight into a person’s brain that has attracted the attention of a dangerous alpha leader. A man with the will and power to destroy anyone who tries to stop him. Now the only thing more important to Neely than keeping hidden is protecting the only family she can depend on—the beloved beta wolf uncle who raised her.

Tucked under a highway off-ramp in the California desert, her uncle's Mexican bakery appears to be the perfect place to hide from the deadly alpha. That is, until several beta shifters turn up dead. At first, the murders seem random, but Neely soon discovers they’re a targeted attack. On her.

Then Lucas Blacke, the alpha leader of the local shifter group, asks Neely to help him find the killer. She hesitates, knowing she can't afford to draw any undue attention to herself. But betas are dying, and she can’t look the other way forever. Not when her uncle might be the next victim.

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