Just A little fun insight into my characters

Disclaimer: These are affiliate links. I get a teeny bit back if you order a product through the posted links. All of these are products I’ve personally used, but you can enjoy the page without buying a thing, I promise!


Neely’s Gorgeous Hair

Neely uses DevaCurl products for her hair—except for when she uses Lucas’s shampoo, of course! I never mention it in the story; it’s just something I know. This version, however, it what I use for my wavy hair. Neely uses the Decadent line.


Lucas’s Books

These are the books Lucas has in his shifter “refuge” cabin. Mr. John D. MacDonald.


Prickly Pear Margaritas

In book two, Dottie has perfected her prickly pear margaritas. This is the prickly pear syrup I buy. The recipe is included.


Pampering Lucas

In book 2, Lucas uses a variety of things to pamper himself in the bathroom. Here’s one of them.


Pampering Neely (and Lucas)

This is Neely’s “vanilla ice cream” bubble bath that Lucas uses in book 2.