An East Pluto Paranormal Romance


Roman Lucero is a businessman—buttoned-up, serious, and driven. He’s also a latent wolf, a shapeshifter whose animal lies dormant inside him. He knows his non-shifter father doesn't trust him, but why would he tamper with his own son’s brain? Roman must find out—his future depends on it. 


Good news is, he's located the perfect paranormal to do the job. Valentina Corazon is smart, beautiful, and most importantly, a powerful mind-prowler. Bad news is, the stubborn woman doesn't mind-prowl a person without their consent and Roman isn't interested in broadcasting his intentions to a father he doesn't trust.

 When the sexiest man she's laid eyes on in ages offers to pay Valentina double her rate to get inside his father’s head, she’s sorely tempted, despite her personal rules. Living in a truck stop desert town with a population the size of a poorly attended wedding, she doesn't get many opportunities like this. And with the cost of her sick mother’s healthcare mounting, she desperately needs the cash.

If she accepts the job, Roman gets his answers, but Valentina betrays her personal code of ethics and puts her sanity and, possibly her life, in jeopardy. If she doesn't, Roman loses his chance to find out what his father has planned for him and Valentina's mother won't get the medical care she so desperately needs. To complicate things further, the attraction between Roman and Valentina is making smart decisions less obvious and bad decisions so very tempting.