Here's my take on the difference between urban fantasy romance and paranormal romance

I will start this off by saying this is my definition, as a reader and writer of both subgenres. You may have a different definition, and that's fine! The one below will help explain what I write.

The Sundance Series is what I refer to as an urban fantasy romance. If we're getting technical, Spiked is straight urban fantasy. But I'm referring to the series, so UFR it is. The romance in this series is slow-baked (heh, heh–bakery humor) and the focus is on Neely's growth as a person as well as the relationship between Neely and a certain shifter. UFR books are generally written from a single person's point-of-view, in first-person, and follow the same couple over a series of books.

My paranormal romance is usually written from two viewpoints, in third person, and ends with a happily-ever-after or happily-for-now. If it's a series, the next book will feature a new couple with some connection to the previous couple–same world, same family, same pack... you get the idea.

(Note: I do write PNR! I haven't released a paranormal romance novel, but I will be in the near future. Unfortunately, I can't yet discuss the details. Stay tuned if you're interested in that.)

Urban fantasy romance and paranormal romance are so closely linked that it can be difficult to tell them apart, and publishers and writers often use "paranormal romance" as a blanket term. My definition isn't any sort of industry standard, just a way for you to tell what sort of story you're getting with me so you don't pick up the wrong type of book for you. There's overlap, for sure. My style is my style, and it shows up in both genres. But I will do my best to clearly state the type of book in the description as I know some readers prefer one over the other.

Do you have a different definition of UFR and PNR? I'd love to hear it! 

C.P. Rider